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John & Kim

"So sorry I'm only writing to you now but i was in a coma....a freakin' Soul coma!!! Holy freakin' sh!t you guys. You blew us all away completely. Everyone one was like...who the hell are they!!?? They're amazing!!! They were acting like i discovered a real life Commitments.'s better than that. So much love and fun bursting out from the stage. People were coming up to me sayin they're gonna book yas for this and for that. We'll 100% come see you guys when we get a night out. Thank you so soooo much for the most memorable performance. Kim danced herself to the bed. I nearly had a heart attack...3 times. I had to lay down for a bit to bring the heart rate down but my feet were having none of it. They're going to need a new dance floor in Bellinter. You killed it guys. Please please pass on my thanks to the whole band. They are amazing, talented beyond words and together you make the most beautiful sounds.

Thanks so much again and best of luck in the future!

John and Kim"

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