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Frequently Asked Questions

"Will the band members we see in the video/at the showcase be the same musicians at our event?"

As proud members of the Wedding Band Association, SoulPower will only ever be at one wedding at a time! There is only one SoulPower, and the band you see is the band you get.

On occasion, sickness/personal issues might mean that one of our members will have a pal join us at your event instead, but rest assured that our pals are all well-rehearsed and amazing.

"How long does it take for you to set up?"

The band take approx 30 mins to set up a full PA & lighting system. Some venues will require less time. Some venues might require a little longer if there are tricky logistics to consider (but it's worth an extra 5 minutes to avoid feedback when the band start).

"Can you set up before the meal?"

Depending on the date, and availability of the band, we can often facilitate set up and soundcheck of equipment before the guests enter the dining room. There is a supplemental charge for this, and the band members will require a suitable waiting space and substantial meal each before the evening performance.

"Do you have insurance?"

Yes, our PA and lighting system is fully covered for Public Liability Insurance.

"How long do you play for?"

The band usually play for 2 hours non-stop. Some venues prefer for the band to take a break after the first hour to allow service of late supper. The band will remain flexible on the night with regard to this.

"What time will you start at?"

The band's start time will mainly depend on the specific timings of your event, as each event is different. However, from experience, most wedding receptions will kick off at about 9.30pm. Please note that the band have a latest playing time of 12am.

"Can we choose the set list?"

Please chat with us if there are certain songs you want included or left out on the night. It's important to keep in mind that the band's set list has been arranged into non-stop medleys, so where possible, we recommend letting the band do their thing. Check out our sample set list here.

We do accept up to 2 new song requests per event, provided the songs suit the band's style and we have enough notice.

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